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ONLYFANS - NO Pay Per View!! All our exclusive content included in subscription - Naughtyforlust https://onlyfans.com/naughtyforlust FANSLY - NO Pay Per View!!  https://fansly.com/r/naughtyforlust Our Story! We are Mariah and Anthony, an adventurous young couple who love to share our journey of intimacy. I'm from Colombia, and Anthony is from France. After exploring different parts of the world, Anthony decided to visit beautiful Colombia. It was during a sporting event that I first noticed him. His confident and genuine demeanour caught my attention right away. I introduced myself, and soon enough, he asked me on a date. Our first encounter was unforgettable, even though there was a language barrier—I had limited English, and he didn't speak Spanish! But we managed to communicate, and it was the beginning of a love story that unfolded magically. I felt an immediate connection, realizing that being with him would surpass all my expectations. Anthony made the wonderful decision to stay in Colombia, specifically in the vibrant city of Medellín. We both embraced the opportunity to learn each other's languages, and now we can communicate fluently in three different languages! It's incredible how love and dedication can break down barriers. It was Anthony who introduced us to the world of camming. He had some previous experience, and with his captivating presence and positive feedback, it piqued my interest. Admittedly, I was hesitant at first, as it was something completely new to me. However, the thrill of being live and connecting with an audience made me realize how much I enjoyed it! The overwhelming feeling of providing pleasure to others became addictive, and I knew I wanted to continue exploring this exciting realm. It's such a boost to receive compliments that make me feel beautiful and desired. When it comes to my favourite sexual activities, I find immense pleasure in the passionate intensity of riding hard cocks and indulging in the exhilarating positions of doggy style. Our aim is to captivate you with the pleasure we share through our tight connection and passionate encounters. As a couple, we embrace an open and inclusive mindset, and we take pleasure in sharing our experiences with our viewers. We're always open to trying new things, and in private sessions, you'll have the opportunity to guide your own personalized porn. Additionally, I wear a mask as part of my playful cam girl persona, adding an extra touch of excitement and mystery to our encounters. Beyond our online adventures, Anthony and I embrace an open and fulfilling sexual life. We identify as swingers and enjoy exploring swinging venues whenever the opportunity arises. It's important to us that everyone we encounter respects boundaries and treats each other with kindness and understanding. We want everyone to have a great time in our room, and we kindly request that if you make any requests, please consider tipping as a way of showing appreciation for our shared experience. You'll witness first-hand how much joy and pleasure we derive from sharing our intimate activities with you. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey! Mariah and Anthony

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