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Hi dear friend, my name is Eva (Eve in Spanish) keep reading to know more about me  (My BIO  Below)
TOYS LOVENSE vibrates for tokens: LUSH: Use inside pussy, sometimes over clit NORA: Dildo, vibrate on clit and move inside me. HUSH: Anal plug vibrator NORA and HUSH control *** *You can ask to play with any of them. Just keep playing with me. Also I have: - natural looking dildos. -Anal plug. -Geisha balls (ball chain). -Cristal dildo. -Kinky hearts anal plug (only in pvt) TIP LEADER Tip Leader can ask to control lush with  no extra charge for 2 minutes PUSSY VIBRATES Send any amount to make pussy feel vibrations (but ass vibrate amount) RULES -Be polite. -Never ask me to PM to bother me please. -If you talk about meet me in real or to send me money I could ban you. I want to have fun, please dont bother. -I keep talking to someone who keep interaction with me. Of course I give priority for those who tip better -Let me know something special you want before private. -Ask to PM after some tips. -I open cam for 30 tkns, and please keep the interaction. I am human being too, and I love to feel conection too -Techincal problems please go to support, I am not technician.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ABOUT ME----------------------------------------- - Im from Colombia, South America. My city is one of the most beatiful here... Cali. Also known as the Salsa capital! - Im not the youngest girl here, but I know how to please better! My body is 100% natural. I love to "rumbear" (hang out) and dance  My favorite movie is Ice Age My hero is Tony Stark, but I confess I would have a wild fuck with Thor too. ----- For dinner: I love " costillitas" (ribs) and rice. My fav fruit is "uvas" and banana. Music I love: Soja, Damian Marley (and all Marleys brothers) , AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, Al Green, Led Zeppelin, U2. Spanish bands, I love Hector Lavoe, Sonora Poncea, el Gran Combo, Hermanos Lebron, Mana, Santana, Bad Bunny, Arcangel. Im here to have fun. I like to be pleased, yes I do! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ABOUT MY SHOW------------------------------- I love to know many persons are watching me while I do my performance! Im so playful, I like to have nice relationship with my guest. Ill be grateful with you for been polite and gentle. I love that! And I like you become as you want when nobody else is watching! For shows feel free to ask. I love to do diferents kind of shows. I love to do naughty things! I love to travel. Nothing like the caribbean sea! If you write to me in my chat and I dont answer you, sorry, use to be a lot of people chatting. Send me a note with your tip to be sure. ----- I dont have problem to talk by PM, but why do you want it? I use PM to define what kind of show you want. or I like to talk with nice people too. But if I dont want to PM you, please dont bother on my room. Lets have fun bb! ----- Here we are to have fun. I cant wait to know you better and satisfied you as you deserve. Take me to private show, and you will be the chief commander. About how I become modeling Im a licenced colombian nurse graduated, then I work  on a factory for more than 11 years, after that I become telemarketer and I start to make good money (good money for me in Colombia) then I divorced and get my own sales bussines. I become to try new things,  naughty things , One day after going out to party a friends ask me why I didnt try as webcam model, I replied because I dont have huge boobies and I have a birth mark in my belly from my daugther born day. I become so blush!!! and I confesed her, I dont shave my kitty and men only like shaven girls, my friend tell me webcam is about to make friends and have fun only doing  myself. My english is horrible, but one day I tried, with no money expectatives. And when I saw a lot of men having erections because of me... I though... WTFFFFFFFFF!  I felt prety dirty, but is great to feel horny too.  It  spents 2  years from that. I really love what Im doing here, is awesome how funny it is.  I have the support of my family and daugther to camming. Actually I just move to a beautiful lake town in my country where I could stream so freely !!! I love Music ------------------- I love music so much. My passions are Salsa and Rock From Salsa I love Grupo Niche, Hermanos Lebron, Guayacan, Gran Combo, Marc Anthony, Eddie Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and a lot more. From Rock I love Pink Floyd from the Syd Barret era until the last ones. metallica make s me felt in love for rock  by Nothing else matter. Guns n Roses with paradise city make me feel like teenager. Black Sabbath from the Ozzy era its awesome, AC/DC are one of the soundtrack of my life.  Iron Maiden is a classic I listen in my sunday morning s. Nirvana electrify me, they make me slam so much.  Marilyn Manson turn me horny, his music make me feel like a stripper.  Jimmi Hendrix is for me the best perfomer and guitarist, until I was introduced to Buckethead, nobody is like him, the best guitarist and the most weird too. To feel romantic I love Aerosmith and Bryan Adams. Janis Joplin is my idol,  She is the encarnation of the blues in a woman,  She is my favorite girl on stage. The doors are one of my perfomance soundtrack as Led zeppelin too. I love to hear Robert Plant and Jim Morrison at the same hour... lol ---- The nobel Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Jhonny Cash, Mad Season, Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilot, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Off Springs all of them use to play in my playlist ----- You read all this bio until here. and none read bios today... so feel great, you are doing different bb.  ----- When you come back to my chat room say "Hola Candy, heres your Tony Stark" and Ill know you spend time learning more about me. kisses

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