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                        onlyfans.com/evadominatrix        [left]Complex, visually Hypnotic, Elegant, Refined and Dominant! A natural aphrodisiac for men of all ages and sexual orientations. I am Strict, Demanding and Controlling. Your life will begin with Me. I am your Eve and also your Goddess, changing your life, your way of thinking, making you feel reborn. I will push your limits and let you feel the danger and the thrill of exposing yourself naked, body and soul, in front of me. Abandon all hope, kneel and watch your old self being reshaped into the best version of yourself, as My slut! I love to analyse and explore your mind, your fantasies, help your escape the boundaries of society in an intimate, safe and sex infused environment.[/left] [left]I am NOT the average kind of model who will say and do anything in order to get your money. IF I SAY I will do something, then you will get exactly what you've asked for and more. If I say I have fur coats, you will not see one or two fake fur coats, but many real ones and all Gucci, Saint Laurent, D&G, you name it. Everything you see in the photos I own so feel free to ask for anything you like. Bottom line, I have lots of fetishes and I know you do too so, over the years I have invested a great deal of money into having the best of everything. Do not make the mistake of treating me like a poor girl you can command. I don't roll over nor Do I play "dead". Be respectful, pay the tribute and by doing so, contribute to yours and mine future pleasure and we will have a hell of a time together. I have a wide range of interests that include : tease and denial, anal training, sissification, CEI, JOI, taking virginity, gang bang, glory hole fetish, mind fucking by hypnosis, stockings, leather, latex, shoes and so many others. Pretty much everything that includes making you addicted to Me! Do not take me for a bottom. I have never been nor will I ever be. If you crave to be dominated, you stepped into the right chambers. If not, move along! I am the Alpha of your life as a slut and the Omega of you as a man.[/left] My Room Rules Obey my rules and we'll all be happy.. 1. Respect me and the people in my room. 2. No begging unless it's during a sex game. 3. I am a TOP. Do not try to change that. 4. No offensive name calling. 5. No real life meetings. 6. Call me a bitch and I will act like one. 7. Have fun!!!! :) 8. Stay happy! 9.Relax. 10. Be positive and engage in conversation. 11. Do not make a habit out of spending hours in my room if you haven't made the effort to say at least "Hello!" 12. Turn on your speakers, I am using sound, I speak english very well and I don't like to type that much

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