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🐰🐰🐰  7/22/21  I had so much fun today Guys!  Thank you to those of you that come by and visit and help me get hornier! LOL!  My inbox is still having issues right now. Sometimes I can get messages and sometimes I can’t. I I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR ABOUT SOMETHING IN MY PREVIOUS POST.... I have been paying my own membership here for years (this allows me to watch your cams and it also translates your chat for me) and just in the last couple of years I  have given all of you the option of helping me with that.  There were a few guys who were kind and sweet enough to ask me to put the option out there for them to help me (THANK YOU!  AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I LOVE YOU! .....I DO REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, BELIEVE ME😘) I actually recently went to tokens AND gifts  (I don't beg or play games or have lush crap sticking out of me and I don't have my mods pester or threaten everyone constantly).   I think I've kept my room a place that you want to come to and enjoy with me. So WHAT I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER is,  if you come into my room with tokens and are in need of a lot of attention, don't forget to appreciate what I'm doing for you. Simple as that...appreciation not services rendered.  I don't want payment from you to be your puppet.  Please read Rules of my Room below, if commenting in my room.   Please Read Private Cams below before asking.  Thanks!  😘😘💋😘 INVITE TO ROOM IS DISABLED NO PM’s In MY ROOM 💋😘I'm here to have fun.  READ THE RULES OF MY ROOM BELOW, PLEASE PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! I'm an exhibitionist and voyeur.  I REALLY enjoy watching you play. I know a little bit of German (Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch) and French (Parle un peu Francais), but do not speak either very well.  I'm always learning. I am NOT bisexual. If you are under 21, you are NOT welcome here. 🎁🎁 GIFTS  AND PRIVATE TIPS  ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.   Please remember me when you come in here with tokens in your account.   The anonymous tokens & gifts and private tips are getting through to me, thank you so much! I've been using them to pay for my membership here AND IT ALLOWS ME TO WATCH YOUR CAMS RULES OF MY ROOM: !!NO PM or MP in my room!! I want to keep my hands on me, not the keyboard! Send me an inbox message if you want to send me a message in private. I LOVE TO WATCH CAMS I DO NOT go to individual rooms when I am on cam.   I watch from my room. I watch cams by peeking. If you don't know what peeking is, ask me NO MOM, mami, granny, grandma, or aunt NO DEMANDS....ask nicely, I MAY or MAY NOT do what you want  me to do. NO  WHATSAPP, Snapchat, TIKTOK,FACEBOOK, KIK, INSTAGRAM, ETC. I DO NOT meet in person I DO NOT open ass or pussy or fuck my ass. DO NOT call me bitch, cunt, slut...you will be warned, then banned NO CAPS NO pee....I don't urinate on cam. I get very wet when I cum. NO husband questions 🌹 🌹 PRIVATE CAM:  1.) NO FREE PRIVATE CAM.   I DO NOT NEGOTIATE. You pay what I ask for,  or no cam.  Send me a message in my inbox. DO NOT ASK FOR PM   2.) I don’t quit my public cam or “friends/group private cam” to do private cam with you. ( I can’t figure out how to disable private cam request button in my room yet, sorry.)   🌹 🌹  DO NOT CAPTURE MY IMAGE ON VIDEO OR PHOTO.  I AM PROTECTED BY DMCA AND WILL TAKE DOWN AS MANY AS I FIND OUT THERE. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAWS PROHIBIT YOU FROM POSTING MY VIDEO or IMAGE ON ANY WEBSITE.

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